Total Knee Replacement is an end stage procedure which should be avoided or postponed as long as possible”

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the fight against knee osteoarthritis by developing a joint-preserving focal knee resurfacing implant specifically intended for the middle-aged population

We are currently raising funding to complete preclinical verification testing on our way to initiating a first-in-human clinical trial. Our public teaser slide deck is available on request via

Our Origin

Avalanche Medical BV is a spin-off from the Chemelot InSciTe public-private collaboration project SyCap which ran from 2015 until 2021. DSM Biomedical, Maastricht University, Maastricht University Medical Center, Eindhoven University of Technology, and Chemelot InSciTe participated in this project. This consortium has iteratively gone through the implant design-, development-, and evaluation process, making sure to employ proper design control in accordance with an ISO13485 certified quality management system. Risk analysis procedures (failure mode effects analysis) were carefully followed during the implant’s iterative development. Avalanche Medical’s origin is illustrative of the team’s roots in a highly-qualified network and the name of our first product pays homage to our roots.

Avalanche Medical

Founded in 2021

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